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paradox blogspot
Paradox Thinking

A friend and I decided to set up platforms on different sites across the internet.

We are known as Paradox Thinking. There, we built an official identity after (UPDATE (2/21/2018): inspired by) our casual conversations on social media on subjects ranging from anything to politics, comedy, and religion.

As of now, our locations are :

Be sure to view our activities.

original the weekly gazette
The Weekly Gazette

Does the name sound familiar? It is the first website that I created before moving on to WordPress. It is likely that I will not return the work on that website.

That website is on:

Check my not-so-recent past.

Rogue Airlight

Almost all sorts of unconventional, controversial, and unconditioned thoughts appear here. Maybe it/It seems/It probably/It posts more often than Zisiz The Weekly Gazette.

The website is on:

zenithnadirhorizonZenith Nadir Horizon

This is the newest website so far. On this website, I plan discuss things on a celestial, galactic, nebular, universal, multiversal, or existential scale.

Find this website here:

Heritage Runner

This website was inspired by a friend who does marathons on a website. Stated here, marathons are not defined as 42.195 kilometers but as a task that is typically one with a degree of difficulty and typical lengthy duration. It serves to commemorate and honor a focus on the events of Oriental or general Asian Humanity. Zenith Nadir Horizon is no longer the newest website; the website of current novelty is now this website.

This website is located on: