“Fall forward” – Denzel Washington. Fall forward and dive deep, that the volleyball may achieve the interstellar.

That the man may verify his existence, that he may finally view the world in its actuality.

The lone wolf has its own ideas, not someone else to adopt an entire lifestyle from.

“Some people bully others because they weren’t given self-esteem as child” – Forgot the guy’s name. UPDATE: The guy’s name is Gary Vaynerchuk

Speculative Defiance

Steve Jobs once said that the people, who built the society in which you live, are no smarter than you are.

Follow this belief, and many more.

Do not suggest a thought that the government might be intimidatingly prestigious in any way – it isn’t.

Be wary, not all conspiracy theorists are correct in what they say.

People who think that the Earth is flat actually never took the time and effort to examine the Earth in itself. The ancient Greeks and/or Romans had found the sphere of Earth by the use of two cities’ distances and a well.

A Well – it is a deep, dark place for water, but has an importance to its community. Likewise, people of the lowest self esteem and/or status are still vital to their world.

Nothing is the same if one person is missing. Justified by the Law of Conservation of Matter – physics.

Nothing is rooted from fear. Everything chose a side, but that is an illusion. Everything is United – we are all one.

Entity – !

Official First Post

10/28/2017, 1:33 PM

This blog has just been created in response to suggestions issued by past feedback. Readers are encouraged to keep up to date with past, latest, or upcoming proposals of philosophical thought. As of now, the blog has an undetermined level of activity due to a fluctuating background. Furthermore, the reality of what this blog holds is in its independence on when and what to speak and express. Although unnecessary to say due to common etiquette, constructive criticism is requested as among the things to expect from readers who may comment on these posts.