A Grim Reality

A grim truth be told.

In Scott F. Fitzgerald’s book, “The Great Gatsby”, a pursuit for the American Dream coexists alongside the time of the Great Depression. A dream to gain massive wealth, to have immense power, to have a voluminous expanse.

The book isn’t science fiction, which should tell reader something.

That which be stated: This is the genuine parent reality in which I type this post.

A lot of things are interconnected by something. Possible more than just one thing.

The purpose for writing this is to release an outrageously different light on the American presidency today. Bearing a socioeconomic, land-related legacy, President Donald John Trump is supercilious yet the laughingstock of the world. (Credit to social media memes). Has anyone bothered to acknowledge or take in mind that President Trump himself is a symbol of the American Dream.

Some elaboration on his voracious wealth:

  • Trump International Hotel & Tower, New York City
    • Headquarters of The Trump Organization, residence
  • Trump International Hotel and Tower, Skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois

I am not an admirer; I only show this list to illustrate the gullible American Dream.

No one wants to take the responsibility that is claimed by others for themselves. Likewise, neither do they want to accept the hypocritical, embarrassing truth: They are either fantasizing or actively in pursuit of the path that Trump, Gates, Musk, Zuckerberg, and many more have taken. But adult bullies and societal competition thrives.

Lightbulb inventor Thomas Alva Edison was known for his work in electrical industry (Westinghouse electric company) and his patents which surpassed a thousand in amount. Apparently quite a few people know or bother to care that he was cruel to and tried to exploit one of his workers, Nikola Tesla, the man who was prevented from nearly making electricity free for everyone to use. (His tower was toppled, despite his tearing up of a harmful contract to save someone who he was working alongside)

To be Updated. UPDATE: Updated. I apologize for readers’ potential inability to tolerate the obviousness of what this notice aims to say.

When silence becomes seduction (NOT MY WORK)

Reflective and relatable inspiration, although this isn’t my work.

A friend of mine is also fan of the movie “Bladerunner 2019”.

Enjoy what looks like a poem.

UPDATE: (Whoops, 2049)


In the stillness of waiting
I build my temple of words
In the sacred confines
Where blood flows in blodroots halo
Spirit's strength serves survival.

When silence becomes seduction
I bring forth from the safety of my bosom
Truth's tender fidelity
Disciplining delirium in my mind
As nib sculpts silhouettes
Of holographic dna
Carving words out of misery
Igniting auras of fantasy
Almost supernatural
In the spaces of time..infinitisimal
A promise of charismatic magnetism
Like jasmine scent on my breath

In my hourglass of volatile sensiblities
My heartbeat waits for salvation..

The cosmos does not answer...

Inspired by the movie Bladerunner 2049

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Admirable Relentlessness

This New Zealander is a principal in the United States. His speaking fashion is due to the speaking style’s acceptance in New Zealand. He may not seem like much besides a reckless, tattooed big shot, but his complaints about the outdated 1900s-to-modern-day era structure of formal education are worth listening to. Readers are overly encouraged to reflect on this video.

Click the link here to see the video, WordPress suddenly just stopped displaying it.

A Major Historical Question

The following is a question assigned by one of my teachers:

Under what circumstances do you think you would ignore your morals, ethics and beliefs in order to do something someone else asks of you?

I would like to hear responses.

Even War has a Good Side

Previously from Ig (The work is mine):


Certainly, a war is terrible and horrific in itself as the name and definition be its identity.

A powerful rebuttal to/argument against this matter is concerned with the setting, place, time, cause of war, and outcome of war.


  • that humankind created this word,
  • that humankind created this concept,
  • that humankind acts upon this concept and
  • uses it fundamentally to boost its economies, prestige, and political influence.

A eradicator like war could privilege mankind to start over, to begin a new, honest, stable, and no longer corrupt society. Sure, bandits, gangs, and territorial forces may persist like viruses, but survival would take a priority.

To survive (In the prewar world, life is sustained indirectly through money), rely on cooperation. From there, rebuild society with what’s left – no elite corporations to confront by then.

Speculative “Education”

Teach education – teach the abstract – Pretend that everything there is to know is already documented.

Take tests – practice memorization – Remember and be withheld from health upon forgetting.

We have newborn babies learn to walk and talk, only to force them to shut up and sit down for the rest of their lives. – Neil DeGrasse Tyson

The people have undeniably gone awry – the majority have chosen a absentminded, loose-minded buffoon.

A baby knows nothing; it needs a caretaker and a teacher to approach the world. Everyone was once a baby – but parents, guardians, caretakers, and teachers taught them to take multiple sides and vote for a verbally reckless narcissist.

Sight the hate groups, who use nerve and spite:

The Neo-Nazis, any racial supremacists, the militant groups, the alt-right, the alt-left, the right-wing, the left-wing… and apparently many more.

Like a wildly dividing religion, one ideology is shredded, tweaked, bent, twisted, and shriveled. An ideology based on humanity, morality, liberty and justice that was conceived by Founding Fathers whose President rested amid his people’s conflicting thoughts.

And now a nation taken for granted as a free, kind, non-warring, loving, and stable land. Only to impress people with hypocrisy and fading dignity.

My Generation, and Generations after me, a time to act and ask the people if they have an internet where information is shared freely and widely throughout the dominion on which it covers.

The Vietnam War was a disgusting fault. It taught the vulnerable, gullible government to tell people lies of not warring in obvious places and that life was just fine.

Children today conjure well-fabricated stories to force people’s minds into suggesting that they have not done anything that may provoke awareness.

Over a million American soldiers died in Afghanistan so far – a least a million jobs, businesses, families, and hushed legacies in their place.

America is not run by God. It is run by man. Everyone is a human – then the robots and other animals (take plants now?!)

Everyone thinks within a child’s mind.


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Feel the music into the city world.

This is not my work. I take no ownership of this work. Do not give me recognition or credit; I do not accept it.

A friend of mine composed this symphonic elaboration to express a universal experience to be shared with the world.

My analysis (No one’s interpretation is correct; mine is just idiosyncratic/unique to myself):

  • The paces of most audible beats are resemblance of the constant droning machine-like program of people’s footsteps going about their sidewalk/crosswalk/staircase-guided life in the midst of recreational activities.
  • The relatively/considerably higher wavering note that occasionally comes every so often is the sound of automobile, aviation, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, helicopters, zeppelins, trains, buses, and other things like the earthen essence, the “cosmic energy” emanating from the environment in which one is present. Take the ringing silence in the quiescence of any place as another example of the constancy of the wavering tune.
  • The heavy, thumping primary beats have a subtly irregular fashion to their uttering. Listen carefully; there is a living river of crowded footsteps in a hype.

Enjoy the procession of the piece.

Barjon Publications

“AUM” is the latest soundtrack produced and Composed by Charles Barjon. It also marks the first song to be released from his “Vibrations” Album.

A- The walking State

U- The dream state

M- the state of deep sleep

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“Fall forward” – Denzel Washington. Fall forward and dive deep, that the volleyball may achieve the interstellar.

That the man may verify his existence, that he may finally view the world in its actuality.

The lone wolf has its own ideas, not someone else to adopt an entire lifestyle from.

“Some people bully others because they weren’t given self-esteem as child” – Forgot the guy’s name. UPDATE: The guy’s name is Gary Vaynerchuk


Speculative Defiance

Steve Jobs once said that the people, who built the society in which you live, are no smarter than you are.

Follow this belief, and many more.

Do not suggest a thought that the government might be intimidatingly prestigious in any way – it isn’t.

Be wary, not all conspiracy theorists are correct in what they say.

People who think that the Earth is flat actually never took the time and effort to examine the Earth in itself. The ancient Greeks and/or Romans had found the sphere of Earth by the use of two cities’ distances and a well.

A Well – it is a deep, dark place for water, but has an importance to its community. Likewise, people of the lowest self esteem and/or status are still vital to their world.

Nothing is the same if one person is missing. Justified by the Law of Conservation of Matter – physics.

Nothing is rooted from fear. Everything chose a side, but that is an illusion. Everything is United – we are all one.

Entity – !