A rogue, transcendentalist-turned philosopher, who goes by the pen name of “nihilistic_shenanigan”, created this blog as a part of his pursuit in search of meaning in existential meaninglessness despite the paradox of the goal itself. Consider the use of aliases, alter egos, or other things. Randomly scattered words, deep thought, essays, short blurbs, and poetry will be posted in a non-predicted manner.


He goes by other aliases on other platforms.



Silently supporting The Free Thought Project, Anonymous, Al Gore’s “The Inconvenient Truth”, and everything that Instagram precautions against or blocks from viewers’ access.


2/20/2018: Actually, this website is for someone to drain their thoughts out so they would not have ideas filling their minds when they are doing other things.

3/1/2018: This is just stuff: Radical Muckraker

3/19/2018: NOTICE: This website uses a policy of intermittent posting of content.