Become Your Why.

Do not be pursuing passion. It means that you could be in for a trap.

Society derives and extracts from you. No matter how negative the connotation, society might as well need to exploit you for its own needs by the millions of people out there.

Many philosophers and religious leaders have consulted their own minds regarding passion or purpose. They figure that ego is a focus on oneself for one’s self interest which doesn’t play well into community life.

Stating “I want happiness” only gets the Buddha to remove “I”, ego and “want”, desire from that statement. The end result is form of joy that is quite foreign to many people, since they just don’t know of that path either very well or at all.

Society is heavily repulsed form people who just want things; they are cynical of corporations and other excessively large companies, basically.

Humans do not deserve a lot. They are going far astray from their own purpose. In fact, their own purpose was corrupted in ancient times by a virus that made them cognitively able for millennia to come.

The large factory in Bowing only resembled ego. It did imply service for others, but it had to occupy the would-be homes of entire neighborhoods.

Airbnb is taking up neighborhoods.

Other companies are corrupting society in an effort to derive and contribute to it.

Illogical. Even impractical in terms of byproducts.

However, some people are not legalistic.

Thus, they would not even bother to read this section of this article.

But finding you inner truth ironically involves what you can do for others, not what others can do for you.

Life is a violent twist in viewpoints, perspectives, outlook, and understanding. A baby seeks only for itself, yet it grows and ages only find that society does no translate well into its own roots’ needs.

From personal experience, there have been findings that are shared views by fellow people on the same journey. A few people administering classes do not teach but are paid. They do not educate, they spray history. We actually educate them. We take things out of them – knowledge in particular.

That is essentially the root meaning of education.

Love makes anything irrational. God would have logically eradicated humanity, but he apparently loves humanity too much to get rid of it.

How is this faith based situation possible?

That was a probably a trick question. It’s actually money that keeps them strong in legalism or else most religious bodies would be flicked out by the state sovereignty.

A rise in power comes from within us all.

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