Solvable dilemmas

There are certain roles that one must take.

Two of them are conflicting; they are the backbone of an abstract dilemma that lies embedded in reality.

They are the role-dependent and the role-independent.

Role-dependent is where a person commits actions or a plan of action based on the interest of others/the situation/the environment/the surroundings/society/law.

Role-independent is where a person commits actions or a plan of action based on personal choice or interests.

There are burdens that must be negotiated in dictation of nature withheld by a black and white fallacy.

Among them are empathy, sympathy, the favor of satisfaction, and frugality concerning/regarding/with a focus on/in the interest of the extent of a certain possibly conditional investment.

The favor of satisfaction is defined as the perceived goal that a lifeform should pursue to achieve in the prehistorically exclusive case that doing so would benefit/support/provide some advantage to the prospects of the lifeform’s chance/condition of survival.

The state of being conditional is defined as the chance/probability/certainty that choosing/acting against what should happen to benefit the historically managed achievement would antagonize/cause disadvantage to one’s best paths to follow – looking into the interests that should be regarded in the future that which steadily approaches the present. The rate of approach is independent of one’s perception of the rate’s identified self.

The extent of investment is defined as to have put in so much effort only to perchance face the rigid confrontation to end/prevent it in the form of a separate body of actions not under governing by the investor of some apparent rank in society.

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