Who was the “bad boy” and the stowaway?

7:20 Returning an item to faculty.

7:21 Names on mailbox . . . please exist, I know you exist, but I can’t find you . . . please exist.

7:22: On the left is “H” all capitalized, the engraved official nickname is “Aquaman”, all capitalized. Okay, interesting and amusing. (That must have been Mr. Sanchez or somebody)

Below – at the bottom is “K” all capitalized, I forgot what the nickname was. It was also engraved as an official label, but it definitely did not say “Buzz Lightyear” or “Woody” all capitalized. It should have said “Vader” or something all capitalized. But superheroes were of regard, not unrelated villains.

7:23 Several yards away, I hear, “We need to secede from . . . “. I already know I am blurting in my head the phrase “the union”, but I heard otherwise.

Currently, I am thinking “exactly what is going on”?!

Will there be a civil dispute? More importantly, can I bring cake, ice cream, and popcorn while I sit on the benches to watch?

*Mouth full of imaginary treats and somewhat muffled* So who’s winning the battle? Kratos or Zeus? Hmm?

Stalemate? *Takes another bite* Oh, okay, then! Anyone have tea? Green tea. What? No, not coffee. I said tea, green tea. Soda is fine too. Or fruit punch. Just water? Fair enough.

Look! Look! Nothing is happening yet.

Face me.

People say the word “like” often. It is either spoken impulsively, or to implicitly hint a rhetorical degree of uncertainty. Now, people say the word in such a way as though it is now colloquially an arbitrary requirement in the grammatical region of the English language. It is used to either mean or not intentionally mean definite certainty of something’s nature or abstract characteristic that which is being associated to it as the object.

No. It is not normal. It was based on something else. On a far-fetched scope, some parents do not tell the child what the answer to something is. Having full faith in the child’s knowledge, they adamantly assume that everything wrong answer that their child submits is actually their refusal to think and their impulse to submit unmatched results. The child is thus temporarily intimidated for his or her life, as the parents begin to yell, scold, and physically strike him or her under the stubborn and misunderstanding-based mistaken belief that the child must be physically shaken to submissively reveal the correct or desired answer.

Ultimately, the child becomes oblivious to this after worrying and overthinking to the point where all thoughts and emotions collectively develop an emerging singularity in that the child suddenly forgets what is the objective, the task, and the gravity of the situation. Later, during a generic conversation, the child begins to use elongated tones to end their declarative sentences as protection from potentially uprising parental or peer anger and exasperation from allegedly believing that they have already informed the child of the key items of regard.

The elongated tone of the declarative sentences is a descendant of the wave-variating elongated tone first used a verbal question, the tones held higher, then lower, then higher again, on repeat.

Ultimately, the child grows up and old while in an eternal state of uncertainty and faded fear and worry that becomes numb over time. This is why we profusely use the words “like” and “as”. In fear of this article being seen as an apparently unprofessional work, many linguists, psychologists, and anthropologists will refuse to respect this work, nonverbally suggesting that its possible prominence could bring down their reputability and usher in an unwanted new age where they could lose their economic strength and endurance in the world of grisly, greasy, and gruesome infrastructure.

Redefining time #2?

The perception-based rate at which events arrive to the interface of consciousness.

How many times have I redefined time? I do know that this is a different definition and the latest determined evidence and experience-based result.

Let’s see if I might redefine time yet again later . . . until further notice.

Try Abstraction Neutrality

Lately, people in certain place might hear of coaching businesses and clienteles.

There are also these things called insurance companies, banks, administrations, and agencies.

People run and work at these places, in that they chose to be nothing, work at nothing, and fundamentally serve as complex numbers in a living, self-animated mathematical system.

However, money is what activates these junctions, but it is not directly consumable.

That is the problem that could bring down people’s well being as quickly as a lit match can be smothered into dark quiescence.

Consider a world like the place called Auroville, where people work entirely interdependently.

Only one issue: Pandora had opened the box centuries ago. Those who understand Greek mythology may be able to interpret and analogize this.

It is not favorable to certain people that someone many years ago had the nerve to create these abstract companies, groups, appeals, and organizations, so this post was written on behalf those people, as a voice for those people.

Where’s the balance?

Certain standardized tests are all over balance.

But when was competition absent?

It is often relied upon, and fairness apparently doesn’t exist outside the void of the “organized” institutionalization of education.

Houghton Mifflin, Pearson Prentice Hall, and simply more – without mentioning even more company brand names.

The illusion of fairness is enclosed within the bounds of a concept of campuses in which people absentmindedly mumble the words “power”.

Outside, there are histories. Histories of discrimination. Histories of unseen fallacies. Histories of age-old seen and unseen misunderstandings. Histories of unnecessarily high profile . . . . issues. Now, to get more specific, one of the issues is campaign finance. Other issues that are also of high profile can be too controversial to mention.

Has anyone seen the movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Listen to Luke Skywalker . . . . actor Mark Hamill’s words. They speak of domestic hypocrisy, vanity, and “romanticization” of the Jedi brought about their own downfall in self realization. Well, it took them to the last minute – Luke – to see it all. He saw his mistakes, and now he can see himself and effects of his decisions on the Jedi counsel and the activities of the Dark Side.

There is no fan’s work here. There is no fanatic’s work here. There is only interpretive, analytical, and analogical work here.

According to an private interview with the former faculty of a school, there is valid information that students are withheld from knowing, and an either nonexistent or absent concept of fairness out in the world sectioned off from school. . . . not counting colleges or universities yet. Upon further research, there will be a currently undetermined possibility with an also undetermined ( . . . underdetermined? . . . ) probability of adding colleges of universities.

Thank yoo, Plato.

Thank yoo, Socrates.

Those are intentional typographical errors.

Thanks (Thank you) Plato and Socrates. (HOW WAS THAT? IT IS BETTER, RIGHT? YEAH!)

Enjoy, good readers!

Plus, the title of this post was a rhetorical question; there are some really annoying hypocrites out there who mop around like they are under the control of some cluelessly macho invisible economic hand severed from Adam Smith.

But there’s always the incoming generations as the future intercepts the present and hold meeting, seminars, and negotiations with the past.

We only perceive time; is it real? People actually have wars over such questions.

WARS?! Yes. Watch them live. Their byproducts might have become their causes.

Turn the tide

Economics, that which we don’t deserve but seek out of fabricated needs based on domestically induced cons.

Capitalism, the path on which the individual soul speeds, for freedom with a motive and a reason becomes its own guide.

Communism, the self motivated crab mentality that controls and embodies the forefront of one’s being (in self).

Also, the idea of wearing suits to be sharp, and the concept of formality is either to deride the self into losing the mind, or to deceive the self into tapping in sync with a groupthink – the brain.

Waging war and selling arms to organized monsters and filth promotes a small corner of excellent sheep. Townspeople who feel great in quality conditioning and pheromonal self manipulation, along with being unconsciously and subconsciously lost in the life that they live alongside yet shut away so hastily that it becomes a matter of deliberate estrangement to them.