Majority reign, Minority rule

Many claim that the Earth is a coordinate plane.

while becoming more profane.

Many claim to be gender unidentified.

by which other people are mortified.

Many claim that God hates those who are homosexual.

unaware that their religious belief isn’t truly actual.

Many claim that chemicals can come down from airplanes in flight.

distracted by conspiracies and leaving the military to secretly fight.

Do they consider what they learn in life,

or is it that they hastily continue a misguided strife?

Will people ever see the light,

that faded when they built their own out of plight?

This is why Christianity teaches love in midst of revolting humanity

in hopes of ending enmity.

Where strings pull temptation and deception

in a world that tends to neglect its own constitution.

A reason why people pray

although they are told that they cannot forever stay

In a world that tends to neglect its own constitution

And Tom Robinson ran only to be shot

after which all of Maycomb forgot

Southern today is still smothered in contempt of its appearance,

partially an inability to cope with cognitive dissonance.

Steadfast, prominent and persistently persevering humans are still battling

despite encountering walls of snakes that keep rattling.

Throwing their own soul into the moat

to give fellow sufferers some space to stay in the boat

That the elite repeatedly try to hoard

like the standard of the educational board.

Peripheral vision

Hitler was famously known for his evil extermination operations on Jews. He was provoked by other people’s blaming on the scapegoats of war – Jews.

As the byproduct of war, Hitler was the child of a racially discriminated uprising against Jews. Nazism which was influenced by an antisemitic version of Friedrich Nietzsche’s work under the edits of his antisemitic sister.

In short, Hitler was affixed by war. In America, we see war as an opportunity for economic progression. But many of us either can’t or don’t see that we are following the path on which Hitler himself was lured: Norm propaganda.

I overthink most things (NOT MY WORK)

People talk about overthinking in a mostly negative way, but it can also be meditation.

Barjon Publications

  1. I overthink most things
  2. Constantly rethinking reality
  3. Are these thoughts a liability
  4. Thinking can become a vitality
  5. I think of equality
  6. A world of streets without pity
  7. A world where kids don’t have to get gritty
  8. I picture a world of hospitality
  9. I overthink most things
  10. Mental harm is only normal
  11. Yet these thoughts are subnormal
  12. These thoughts are only nocturnal
  13. Are these thoughts abnormal
  14. Is this poem informal
  15. Do my poem cause you to be isothermal
  16. My words exothermal
  17. I’m primal in my poems its survival
  18. I overthink most things
  19. Yeah this poem lacks tone
  20. This poem is usual
  21. A poem without direction
  22. Conceived without a notion
  23. Literature over planned
  24. I overthink most things

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Dependent Variable

A climate change scientist once managed to convince some of Trump’s followers that he was a climate psychic.

When journalists asked Trump of what he had to say about the Ku Klux Klan, or whether he supported the KKK, Trump remained silent to protect his already-resented reputation as president.

Begun by Nicholas Forrest, the Ku Klux Klan was originally a hate group that rose out of cognitive dissonance and a petty protest of freeing African American people.

Today, Klan members absentmindedly stand against African Americans, following a brashly misguided ideology bearing the resemblance of the Islamic State of Iraq, Syria, and Libya.

What Trump brings, not that I want to incite so much emotion, is something rather ominous within his television personality’s personality. To make an attempted aversion of a cliffhanger, we must notice Trump’s gamble with the world: His seemingly speculative motives to dice up the nation with racial, political, and ecological differences, and his diction concerning but not limited to Mexico, Syria, and North Korea

I’m On The Edge (NOT MY WORK)

This sounds like a life story that multiple people share.

Barjon Publications

I’m on the edge

I was almost done

Passing God’s course

Jah tested me of course

Putting me through

The same situations

Hand picking people

Out of my life

When I needed

Them the most

I’m on the verge

Of cracking again

Spilling out my emotions

Reclusiveness is reoccurring again

Can you feel my pain again?

Black bodies still swaying again

I’m on the edge of my limitations

Looking into my glass that’s half full

But never empty

In my world of words

The Revolution is plenty

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Call me what you want.
Call me crazy, call me insane.
Call me smart, call me woke.
Call me stupid, call me mental.
Call me gentle, call me rude.
Call me civil, call me savage.
Call me good, call me evil.
Call me moral and pricncipled, call me rogue.
Call me easygoing, call me stubborn.
Call me loud, call me quiet.
Call me confident, call me nervous.
Call me angry, call me sad.
Call me lonely, call me popular.
Call me jealous, call me arrogant.
Call me excited, call me bored.
Call me lame, call me cool.
Call me handicapped, call me genius.
Call me loser, call me winner.
Call me failure, call me champion.
Call me crybaby, call me stoic.
Call me psychopathic, call me empathic.
Call me annoying, call me street.
Call me honorable, call me intimidator.
Call me conspiracy theorist, call me truther.
Call me robot, call me rebel.
Call me boring, call me interesting.
Call me awkward, call me confident.
Call me human, call me animal. (Humans are animals, there shouldn’t be metaphors)
They are all compliments to me.

Look at the details

Do pet owners ever observe their own pets?

Yes, they do in adoration.

But do they actually study how they can lick the sidewalk, lick anything that potentially has a large, sizable wad of bacteria and microbes and not get sick from it?

They are animals, aren’t they? They’re not household plants.

Do not live telling people that humans are not animals, but mammals. It is fascinating how misunderstood you can appear to others upon saying that.

Humans are given daily overdoses of antibiotics instead of daily doses of microbes. They need environmental contact with nature.

Think about why there are people against vaccines. My theory is that they don’t know very much about biology and biochemistry and fear vaccines out of ignorance of what vaccines do.

Like a vaccine, a weaker or dead form of a virus, contact with environmental microbes and bacteria will privilege the body with experiences of fighting contamination.

Like a child learning in school, or a baby learning to walk after crawling, the body needs to learn how to fight thousands, in not hundreds, of bacteria in the close-knit natural world.

The more experience with bacteria approaching the body, the more white blood cells to defend the body. The body will not be able to fight some foreigner, because its immune system hasn’t observed the capabilities of its newcomer and potential contaminant.

Parents are always traumatized about their child dying from bacterial causes, but a profound cause is due to hearing of so many tragic deaths from other uncommon events.

Today, a prevalent factor of negativity is the news. The news knows how human minds function: We naturally look for bad things, imperfections, and noticeable faults.

Consequently, parents of every generation are constantly being exposed to only the negative things to see in life after being stuck behind television for every day of their lives.

The easy way out is to experience the world without worry. Like a mother, do not worry at all; instead have faith in your children without looking directly at them.

Young, Invincible, and Indestructible

Small children are forever strong. When in a fight or an argument they don’t listen to their opposing peers. Instead, they keep saying what they have in mind. Sooner or later, they could start fighting, which is a form of exercise. In fact, my school has wrestling as a sport.

Zeitgeist #2

Generally everything in the United States runs on capitalism.

The government earns money through taxing.

There are always spoken things about water bills, gas bills, heating bills, and other bills.

We complain about the government’s control on certain parts of the nation by calling it communism, but the government is only profiting from the Tennessee Valley Authority.

The police are another corporation. They need to arrest people to gain profits and charge as much as possible for their own survival. They need to make excuses and rationalizations so they wouldn’t potentially be seen as suspicious and extreme law-keepers. They arrest you so they can maintain their presence and occupational strength. Without the police, special forces will be sent into places that are not policed very much.

This is not when karma come to confront me, but rather an awareness manual for people who need to understand the multiple layers of shade that America needs to pull off in order to fund its own societal background.

If something makes America look tighter than other countries, that’s because too many people like to have their responsibilities handled by the government.

Capitalism runs in the veins of traffic as well. If you go speeding (Anyone know about decelerating fines?) then you are fined for whatever amount your mileage rate surpasses by. You can physically live and continue driving without being fined (next to causing potential havoc in traffic), but police officers and rangers will come if they see you. This is so they can earn money for enforcing the law, promoting federal capitalism.

This is human construct-based semantics, not some mad form of apologetic law, and not sarcasm.